The links  below are for the purpose of assisting you in the process of choosing materials.  In many cases the sites will merely be a primer.  I  fully expect to assist you on site with color samples, catalogs and our opinions and,  in some cases you may need to go to a supplier to see a material in person.
C O N T A C T                                                                        H O M E
The good folks at Round Tree (supplier of boulders, crane boulder service, barks and soils) are not on line.  See the Mid Valley Rock site for their location (Mid Valley is located on Round Tree's lot). 

  Handalstone, maker of fine Pre-cast concrete architectural elements, is currently in web developement.   They will be linked soon.  Their contact information can be found in on-line Sacramento business directories, just Google Handcalstone. 
E D E N  S P E C T R U M   D E S I G N
L  A  N  D  S  C  A  P  E     M  A  T  E  R  I  A  L     L  I  N  K  S